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Practicing Medicine, the Way It’s Supposed to Be

Practicing Medicine, the Way It’s Supposed to Be

Over a 20-year medical career, Arthur Childs, DO, FACOI has dedicated himself to excellence. Dr. Childs graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, where he trained in Internal Medicine, with added training in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.

Arthur Childs Medical Home

Patient Centered Medical Home

Dr. Childs has devoted his life to providing the best in personal medical care to his patients. For this reason, he has made the decision to practice medicine in a way that allows him to serve the best interests of his patients, as opposed to the bureaucracy of the medical establishment. This concept is called the “Patient-Centered Medical Home”, where healthcare is practiced the way it should be. Uncompromising!

Meet Dr. Childs

Meet Dr. Childs

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A Message from Dr. Childs

Our health care system is broken. Millions of Americans lack health insurance and those of us who pay overpriced premiums realize that the greatest beneficiary of these programs is the insurers and not the patients or healthcare providers.

Arthur Childs Medical Home
Personalized Approach

Over the past 20 years of practicing medicine, I've tried my best to maintain a high standard of providing healthcare. I have strived to treat my patients as if they were my own family members. Unfortunately, maintaining this very personalized approach in the current medical environment, where doctors are forced to see more patients, offer shorter appointments, and attend to endless mounds of paperwork, is just not possible and is no longer acceptable to me.

Caring for My Patients

I believe that time, while not the most sophisticated diagnostic tool, is the most important resource I have in caring for my patients. As an internal medicine doctor, time is my most valuable resource. Illness is much more complex than a series of lab or x-ray findings. It is rather a disturbance that is interwoven into the fabric of a person's life.

Advanced Technology

By carefully listening to patients and patterns, clues emerge that allow for better diagnostic and subsequent treatment strategies. By implementing a patient-centered medical home, I finally have the time and freedom to provide old-fashioned, personalized care using advanced technology. I now offer unhurried office visits, see patients when needed, and be accessible to efficiently handle emergencies.

Providing the Best Care

I have limited the size of my practice so that I can provide the best care possible. Patients are assessed with a yearly fee in keeping with the American College of Physicians guidelines, to provide and support patients with different health care needs, that goes beyond the face-to-face encounter of a visit.

Comprehensive Educational Approach

Once again, I can be an advocate for my medical family and focus on providing the best preventative and acute care that I have been trained to offer. I have been able to resurrect a true physician-patient relationship and a comprehensive educational approach to health and wellness.

I have finally come home! - Dr. Arthur Childs