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Concierge Services Included with Membership

Comprehensive Annual Medical Examination

This is an extended exam, not in connection with any illness or injury, done annually to review all aspects of your health and wellness. After a thorough physical examination, I will discuss any current medical issues and, as appropriate, any psychological or social issues in your life. We will review a battery of screening lab tests and possibly x-rays as appropriate for your age and gender. All lab tests will be done at a lab facility and billed directly to your insurance and are not included in the annual fee. A detailed list of signs and symptoms that can be early warning signs of disease will be reviewed. Furthermore, this visit will include screening and recommendations for proper nutrition and exercise to encourage weight control and a healthier lifestyle.

Our Staff Will Ensure a Comprehensive Exam Will Be Scheduled as Appropriate and as Often as Necessary for Your Personal Health Needs

It is my hope that a comprehensive wellness exam will encourage you to safeguard your health on a regular basis. I believe this comprehensive physical examination is vital for the physician-patient relationship and creates a solid foundation for future care and ongoing care.

Same-Day or Next Business Day Appointments

With the exception of your annual exam, this feature is available even for minor and non-urgent medical problems.

Little or No Office Waiting Time, with Appointments as Long as Needed

Comprehensive exam appointments will be scheduled for one hour, and all other appointments for at least 30 minutes, eliminating the time pressure of moving from patient to patient.

Strong Focus on Preventive Medicine, Long-Term Health and Wellness

My philosophy is to teach and educate you on your personal medical needs and risks. This will empower you to take an active role in managing and maintaining good health.

Direct Phone Access to My Assistants and to me, During Office Hours

All phone calls will be returned promptly. However, if you deem your problem “urgent”, I will make every effort to speak with you at the time of your call.

My Personal Cell Phone Number Will Be Provided to All Members

This will allow easy access to me for urgent medical problems that occur outside of my regular office hours. Ideally, I want to hear from you when you are ill or injured, before you go to the hospital or an urgent care center, or immediately after you have called paramedics.

Your Own Personal and Pertinent Medical Information Will Be Made Accessible to You

After your annual exam, you will be provided with your current medical information and data. This will allow you to have all important information at your fingertips when you are traveling or whenever you may need it.

State-of-the-Art Communications

I want to be involved in all aspects of your care. We can use email and/or cell phone technology to review emergency room and specialist visits or other quick/non-urgent questions that do not require a trip into the office. Because of privacy concerns, we will develop specific guidelines for what is appropriate use of these media.

Specially Trained Staff Dedicated to Your Care

My staff members are an important part of my practice. They will have the expertise to advocate on your behalf and will continue to facilitate your encounters with other aspects of the medical community.

End-Of-Life Counseling Visits With Patient and Family

We will discuss viable options, legal choices, personal issues, and document your wishes.  As a concierge practitioner I will be able to spend the added scheduled and extra time necessary to coordinate your care and discuss these delicate and often detailed sessions in a more productive manor.
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