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About Us

When it comes to your health you deserve...

Maximum Wellness and Preventative Care
For Dr. Childs, this means proactive care to help keep you healthy and prevent disease. We provide you, our patient, with:
  • Comprehensive, thorough annual medical examinations to fully assess, to protect and to maximize your health status.
  • A strong focus on preventative medicine, with attention toward long term health and wellness.
  • Ongoing education and information about general health and topics specific to your individual health.
Access to Your Physician
As a member of Dr. Childs' concierge Medical Home, you'll have:
  • Same day or next day appointments.
  • Little to no office waiting.
  • Direct phone access to Dr. Childs and his staff.
  • Dr. Childs' cell phone number.
  • Access to your own medical records and information.
No Time Constraints
By limiting the number of patients in his practice, Dr. Childs has more time to devote to you, including:
  • Longer appointments for more complete communication and the most effective care.
  • More time for education and for helping you wade through overabundance of misinformation.
  • More time to dedicate to research topics related to your individual health, even when you're not here.
Peace of Mind
Even with the most dedicated medical care, illness and injury inevitably occur. When they do, as a member of Dr. Childs' Medical Home, you'll receive:
  • Attentive, integrated care in which Dr. Childs will serve as advocate, partner, and vanguard of your health.
  • Dr. Childs will work directly with all your other doctors and specialists.
  • Long-term disease management.
  • Counseling about issues related to serious disease and end-of-life issues involving your family.

About Our Staff

Arthur Childs, DO, FACOI
Dr. Childs was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. He migrated south, receiving a bachelor's degree in Microbiology and Psychology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at UMDNJ and completed a fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at Kennedy Memorial Hospitals, UMDNJ. During his training, Dr. Childs served as Chief Medical Resident and earned recognition as Intern of the Year, Medical Resident of the Year, and Chief Fellow. He practiced Emergency Medicine for five years before moving to the shore, where he has been in private practice in Cape May Court House since 1992.

Dr. Childs is a caring and dedicated physician. He has devoted his career to comprehensive medical care for his patients, being a staunch advocate and director of all aspects of care involved, including office, hospital, intensive and rehabilitative care. He has also directed nursing home and palliative care for many of his patients and family members in the waning days of life.

Dr. Childs is presently Chair of the Critical Care Committee at Cape Regional Medical Center and former President of the Medical Staff. He is Medical Director of the Diabetic Care Team at Cape Regional Medical Center. He presently is an instructor for the Fundamental Critical Care Support Course of the Society of Critical Care Medicine in association with The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania.

Aimee Elberson, Office Manager
Aimee graduated with a Psychology Degree from the University of Central Florida. She has worked and trained at the University Medical Center of Princeton in the Behavioral Health Department as well as locally at Cape Counseling. She is the first person our patients greet with her ever present smile and is the go-to person for scheduling appointments, and coordinating testing and procedures for all our patients. She has her State Billing and Coding Certification and is presently in the process of obtaining her Certified Physician Practice Manager certification. 

A Message From Dr. Childs

Our Health Care System is broken. Millions of Americans lack health insurance and those of us who pay overpriced premiums realize that the greatest beneficiary of these programs are the insurers and not the patients or healthcare providers.

Over the past 20 years of practicing medicine, I've tried my best to maintain a high standard of providing healthcare. I have strived to treat my patients as if they were my own family members. Unfortunately, maintaining this very personalized approach in the current medical environment, where doctors are forced to see more patients, offer shorter appointments, and attend to endless mounds of paper work, is just not possible and is no longer acceptable to me.

I believe that time, while not the most sophisticated diagnostic tool, is the most important resource I have in caring for my patients. As an Internal Medicine doctor, time is my most valuable resource. Illness is much more complex than a series of lab or x-ray findings. It is rather a disturbance that is interwoven into the fabric of a person's life. By carefully listening to patients, patterns and clues emerge that allow for better diagnostic and subsequent treatment strategies. By implementing A Patient-Centered Medical Home, I finally have the time and freedom to provide old-fashioned personalized care in a technologically advanced manner. I can now offer unhurried office visits, be able to see patients when needed and be accessible to personally handle my patient's emergencies.

To accomplish these changes, I have limited the size of my practice. Patients are assessed a yearly fee in keeping with the American College of Physicians guidelines to provide and support the wide variety of patients care support that goes beyond the face to face encounter of a visit. Once again, I can be an advocate for my Medical Family and focus on providing the best preventative and acute care that I have been trained to offer. I have been able to resurrect a true physician-patient relationship and a comprehensive educational approach to health and wellness.

I have finally come home!

-Dr. Arthur Childs
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